Some days ago an anomaly was detected ...
Some days ago an anomaly was detected in the outer space readings provided by our long-range scanners; since then, our Scientific Research Department has been working to identify the nature and source of the anomaly. After further investigation and enhancement of the signal, we have determined it to be an object of significant mass and size, which appears to be heading directly towards our HQ - but we have not yet been able to ascertain its exact nature.

However, since additional resources have been allocated to the issue, we have managed to obtain the first photographic evidence of the object. When magnified, it appears to be grayish in color and of rounded shape - as seen in the photograph below. We have also added a hi-res version of the photo on our Facebook page, on

Our analysis continues, as our engineers are working hard to identify the object and our sensors are collecting more data. However, if you have any ideas as to its possible nature, do let us know and post your suggestions on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for updates...

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