Behold, the Union Jack in space - for the Spitfire is here!

The United Kingdom's space industry may not have been as instantly recognizable as, say, NASA - but everything has changed with the coming of the invasion, as the words "the Space Race" took on a brand new meaning. The Space Agency entered the battle with speed and gusto, and soon we were treated to its pride and glory - the Spitfire space fighter. The craft has been named in honor of the famous WW2 airplane, universally praised and often credited with literally saving the Isles during the Battle of Britain. Now, as far as the modern Spitfire goes, we've already had the opportunity to not only witness it in action, but to recreate it as our very own model… and let us tell you this: the legendary WW2 veteran has a worthy descendant.

What makes the modern Spitfire so remarkable, you may be asking? Tune in tomorrow to have a sneak peek and find out!

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