Newsflash: as our brave pilots tested their new craft today, a very unusual vessel was spotted in the Earth's orbit. It was cone-shaped, but then it snapped open like a giant space flytrap! Our scouts communicated with it immediately, but once they saw the red kangaroos painted over the hull, everything was clear. Yes, the Australian National Space Exploration Agency designed a new space bomber, which they'd codenamed "Dundee", and they unveiled it just today. "That's fine, but why the secrecy?" we asked. "Oh, that was just in case it came a gutser," we were told, "but it was a ripper, so no worries!"

Well, we couldn't argue with THAT, could we? Actually, we couldn't quite get it, either - but what matters for our engineers is that right now it's just a question of time until we too will have our very own Dundee.

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