There's something strange out there… and it just got stranger.
Ever since we detected the mysterious moving anomaly in our long-ranger scanner readings last week, we have been busy trying to find out its nature and origin. We've obtained a photo of the strange object - you saw it earlier in this very section, and you can still find a high-res version on our Facebook page, on:

As we informed you then, we instantly began trying to collect more data on the anomaly. We re-routed one of our space-cam satellites to move towards the strange object and to take a close-up photograph. This morning, we received a signal - the satellite approached the object and was just starting to expose the lens to take the picture, when the communication was suddenly cut off. Ever since then, the satellite has been gone off our scanners. It seems to have disappeared - for good.

The last signal the satellite managed to send us was the reading of a powerful burst of energy nearby… and this strange, single frame.

We do not yet know what the objects in the photograph are. They do appear to be symmetrical, but as to their origin, we simply cannot guess. Are these structures? Natural patterns? Is it a surface of an asteroid? Or… something yet different?

If you have any ideas, do share them with us.

Meanwhile, stay tuned. We'll be getting to the bottom of this mystery - and you can count on that.

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