Call to arms! Madam President wants you!
Terrified by the sudden appearance of the eerie Spacezeppelins approaching Earth, the call to arms sounds loud and clear across the globe. All Nations are asked to join the battle and defend our homes from the incoming Nazis. Join the United States, and their Madam President, in this glorious fight to protect humanity. Besides her leadership and guidance there will be many characters, including several heads of states, to help you in your struggle for freedom and peace.

The cast of Iron Sky has been more than cooperative with the creation of this video game iteration. In fact, many of the same famous actors from the movie have shot additional cutscenes specifically for the game. This, though Iron Sky: Invasion is almost entirely based on the movie of the same name, allows the game to take on a life of its own with its own set of rules...  See the first pictures of the cast right here.

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